team i can’t do math for shit but i can write a 3 page english paper in less than an hour 

team I can do math for hours but I can’t write an english paper for shit

team i cant do either but i have to do both by next monday


Then you will know which precise pattern of dates you will need to handcuff yourself to a computer and plug in your custom keyboard that only has a single giant F5 key. 

upd8 art uwu


Have a gander at my 2012 budget halloween costume, when I was John from the novel John Dies at the End.

Plaid shirt from Target for about $8 on clearance.

Balls: It’s What’s For Dinner shirt from a mall kiosk, about $15.

Baseball bat with bible pages: $5 for the bat, $4 for the bible, $3.99 for the spray glue.

Jeans and boots already owned. Borrowed cigarettes, $7.99 clearance 12pk of Leinie’s Snowstorm.

Definitely more expensive than an effortless costume, but I feel that it turned out pretty sharp, if a bit obscure.


"Ultimate Spiderman"



The Incredible Pen and Ink Masterworks of Manabu Ikeda

Taking up to a year and more to create, Manabu works with a small acrylic pen on 4 inch square portions of very large pieces of paper, that can cover a wall. He produces incredibly detailed impossible landscapes, which grow organically from his pen. He says he has no idea how each will finish.


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Bedelia and Hannibal go on an adventure